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Fourth Law Of Mr. Man

The increase in sexual appeal of another person is directly proportional to the increase of alcohol in the bloodstream.


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The quality of taste in females is directly proportional to the quantity and variety of females.

(So, when you have a limited number of females with little variety, you tend to conform)

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The personal quality of a religious individual is inversely proportional to his/her religiosity.

(IOW, fundies are loonies)

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The size of X religious group is inversely proportional to X religous’ groups quality.

(IOW, when a religious majority exists, it tends to be filled with pricks and/or produce them)

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Thought Of The Now

You know that something has gone wrong when the world holds weakness and stupidity as ideal states to be in. The weak should not be the backbone of the world and the stupid should not be the brain.

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Amar es perderse
en otra persona,
y es encontrarse

Amar es olvidar,
olvidar el singular
y Amar es recordar,
recordar lo universal

Amar es la canción
que te hace vibrar;
una sublime interacción
imposible de borrar

Amar es una danza
en donde fluyen esencias
que alegran la esperanza
y perfeccionan las cadencias

Amar es desangrarse por vivir
y desvivirse por sangrar,
conquistar el miedo a morir
y en océanos de vida nadar

Amar es encadenarse a la libertad
y liberarse de crueles cadenas,
Amar es obtener la bella verdad
de poder vivir en piel ajena


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I have never been so revolted by the Christian religion as I am now. The fear-mongering, the guilt trips, the Stockholm syndrome-praising drivel, the down-playing of humans, the willful ignorance, the lack of imagination, the self-righteous bullshit, the patronizing idiocy, the patriarchal stupidity and the utter lack of truth.

Écrasez l’Infâme!

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