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WordPress has a neat feature that graphs the hits on your site, the google terms that bring up links, and other stuff (cool platform, all in all). And here’s something interesting: my poems, my intellectual-ish posts and my pictures get some traffic yes, but it took a while for them to build up 3-5 hits.

Yesterday , I posted a bizarre Christian website that advocates very unorthodox sexual behavior (for Christians, mind you) like anal sex and fisting. It has 19 hits so far. It seems that holy fucking is the hot topic.

Look at this chart:

And then this one, from one of my more serious posts:
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Gives a whole new meaning to Jesus fuckin’ Christ, doesn’t it?

ETA: This one has 26 hits in just one day. Sheesh, I might as well start a porn site.


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Oh, one more thing

Hover over the links and you’ll get a brief description courtesy of me.

By hover, I mean put your pointer right over the link, but don’t click it.

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