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This is ridiculous.

It’s “God’s masterpiece” but any attempt to capture it’s full beauty is “blasphemous”. I mean, really, the female body is sublime, and anybody claiming design would surely praise the design and, consequently, the designer, no? Why would a proud (and dammit, if the god of the bible isn’t a proud bastard, then I don’t know what pride is) be offended when someone decides to praise his work?

And, if he was offended, I would think a deity would be quite capable of saying so, instead of having old dolts in odd-looking clothes take legal action (which, in my experience, is a tortuously slow process). Surely a statement and a lightning bolt would convey the message both clearly and efficiently?

Note that I’m an atheist and I’m just trying to see it from a theistic POV. As usual, it’s not making much sense.


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